Facilities & Services

Facilities & Services

At Bigland Bogor Hotel we offer you more convenience and comfort that value for the money. This hotel offers all the facilities you would expact from a top-rated hotel. The accomodations offer an city. The dining is delightful experience to sample some of the most popular local and international cuisines.

Levante Spa

in a seamless collaboration between Bigland Bogor Hotel and Levante Spa, we are delighted to curate an unparalleled spa experience, ensuring our guests receive the utmost indulgence for their body and soul.

The Bigbound-1B

The Bigbound1b is one of Bigland Bogor Hotel facilities for children’s outbound areas. At this location there is a children swimming pool, farming, cafeteria, and a mini outbound such

Koersi Sky Cafe

Enjoy togetherness and the happiness of breaking fast together only at Dug Dug Deal, Koersi Sky Cafe !

Sofa Resto

Sofa Resto at Bigland Bogor Hotel is the ultimate dining haven, offering a diverse menu of exquisite dishes against the stunning backdrop of Mount Salak, right next to the swimming pool. With exceptional service and a captivating view, it’s the epitome of fine dining for hotel guests.

Bogor Beau’gris

Bogor Beau Gris at Bigland Bogor Hotel is the finest restaurant in Bogor, offering a diverse and top-tier menu in a setting of modern luxury. For an unmatched culinary experience, this restaurant is the ultimate destination for guests seeking both sophistication and delectable delights.


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Special Offers

Ramadan Room Package

EID Room Package

Tawaran Spesial Hari Raya